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Smile makeover in York

Talented dentists

Smile makeovers use a combination of carefully selected treatments to completely transform your smile. The results achieved by our skilled dentists can be dramatic and are often life changing, especially if you have been unhappy with your smile for many years.

We consider your appearance and tailor our treatment to suit using cosmetic procedures such as tooth whitening, tooth-coloured fillings, crowns, veneers, invisible braces and dental implants.

The benefits of a smile makeover

You wouldn’t go out wearing an outfit you were ashamed of and the same can be said of your smile. You wear your smile every day. Showing it off to the world actually releases hormones that make you feel better inside. Feeling confident of your smile is important and we would be delighted to help you transform it.

  • Improve your appearance and boost your confidence
  • Straighten crooked teeth with Invisalign
  • Replace metal fillings with tooth-coloured for a more aesthetic result
  • Brighten dull or stained teeth with Enlighten tooth whitening
  • Correct gaps, chips, cracks or uneven teeth
  • Replace missing teeth with dental implants or a bridge

Why choose Blossom Dental Care

Our talented dentists have been creating stunning, natural smiles for many years. Our welcoming team ensures that even the most nervous of patient feels at ease and comfortable at our practice in the heart of York. We offer a personal concierge service from our dedicated treatment co-ordinator, Gen, who will look after you at every step of your journey.

Your journey to a more beautiful smile

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    Visit us for a free, no obligation consultation to find out what’s possible.

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    We will provide a detailed treatment plan and an estimate of costs to keep you fully informed.

  • Step 3

    We will take impressions and study models of your teeth and specially crafted trays will be created, if necessary.

  • Step 4

    Your smile makeover treatment will begin!