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Attentive dental care in York

One in four of us dread a visit to the dentist but Blossom Dental Care & Implant Studio can offer support and advice.

Nervous patients are more than welcome in our York practice. We have built our reputation as an outstanding dental practice based on our abilities to provide excellent dental care with effective results, and we would love for our nervous patients to feel as confident as we do. We know that visiting the dentist can be unsettling, so we offer personable care to set you at ease. Our dental care staff are fully trained and sympathetic to your anxiety and will listen intently to any concerns you may have. We will take everything at your pace and help to inform, engage, and calm you throughout.

We can help nervous patients by:

  • Encouraging you to speak openly about your concerns, anxieties, and fears surrounding the dentist
  • Inviting open discussions and as many questions as you need to make you feel comfortable and confident in our care
  • Using a ‘stop’ signal, so you are in total control of your treatment and can stop it at any point
  • Approaching treatment with understanding and open-mindedness
  • Encouraging you to bring a friend or family member to help set you at ease

Dental phobia is the main reason people delay or put off having dental treatment. Many nervous patients live with discomfort, pain and treatable conditions that can ultimately lead to tooth loss and can have a harmful effect to their overall health. Please don’t jeopardise your health, both dental and overall, because Blossom Dental Care can help!

Why choose Blossom Dental Care & Implant Studio?

We are an award winning dental practice in York with friendly, experienced, and attentive staff committed to both general and dental excellence. We provide treatment options and solutions that we are proud to offer, and endeavour to provide the best care and attention suited to each individual patient. Coming to the dentist may be difficult for some but Blossom Dental Care can make it so much easier.


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