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Dental Treatment: Tooth Whitening/Dental Implant/New Ceramic Crowns & Bridges

John's Story

"John came to us when one of his old crowns at the front broke off and was unable to be saved. During the consultation it was identified that John had many other old tired crowns at the front of his mouth and he said he had always felt these were too yellow. Following a 2 week home whitening course we placed a single tooth implant to replace the missing tooth and new state of the art ceramic crowns and bridges to give John the new smile he wanted."

“Thank you and your team for doing great work in the first place straightening of my teeth and then doing both implants and bridgework. It gives me pleasure to have straight healthy looking teeth and it was well worth the time and investment required. I would recommend anyone to the friendly and professional treatment that I received.”

“I still can’t believe that they are my teeth when I smile.”

Dental Treatment: Single Tooth Implant

Peter's Story

"Peter was a retired school teacher and existing patient of the practice. He had lost an old post/crown several months ago when he decided that he was unhappy with wearing a denture and wanted a fixed option. Peter decided to have a single tooth implant because it would not damage any of his natural teeth but would mean he could throw away his denture paste forever."

"I chose to have an implant because I was un-happy with the gap in my smile, also because I was always eating on one side of my mouth. My dentist explained what having an implant would involve and how long the whole process would take and cost."

"Throughout the process and during my appointments / treatments all the staff were friendly, caring and calm. I didn’t suffer with pain or major complications."

"Since having the implant I feel happier and more confident, I can eat normally again too. Although its not cheap I’m definitely glad I had it done, I would recommend other having implant as long as they listen to the dentist advice and instruction, and keep the implant clean!"

Dental Treatment: Dental Implant

Penny's Story

Penny came to us because she was concerned about her smile. She had several old crowns that looked ugly and she kept getting infections underneath them. We decided that since these teeth could not be saved it would be best to remove the upper front 4 teeth and replace them with 2 implants supported 4 new teeth on a bridge. This would give Penny fixed teeth but also allow us to make a massive improvement to her smile.

"I cannot thank you and your team enough for the treatment that I have received which has been first class at all times. Since having dental implants I am able to smile properly for the first time in years which is all thanks to you for your skill and dedication. I have become more confident since having implants and only have one major regret which is that I should have done this years ago."

Dental Treatment: Complete Implant Smile

Geoff's Story

"Geoff had coped with his upper metal denture for many years. But after losing several more teeth it no longer fitted properly and would not stay in when he was eating. The remaining teeth would not last much longer and as Geoff was only in his early 50s he wanted s reliable long term solution. We removed his remaining teeth and placed full mouth implants to give him a fixed set of new teeth and Geoff could throw away his denture paste."

“I am a different person following the treatment! I no longer hold my hand over my mouth when I speak or smile. I was married shortly afterwards and the photos were perfect. For myself personally, it has been life changing I am far more confident in my everyday life. I love to smile now!”

Dental Treatment: Dental Implant

Richard's Story

Richard came to us because he was unhappy with his upper denture. He had lost all his teeth in his late 40’s due to gum disease. He led an active lifestyle but was constantly worried about his denture falling out and hated how they felt when eating.

“The major benefits since the treatment have surpassed my expectations. My self confidence is back and I enjoy going out with my friends again.”

What is the solution?

If you have loose or missing teeth, wear uncomfortable dentures or have to avoid certain foods like Richard, then our Teeth in a Day dental implant treatment will transform your life. On the same day that the dental implants are placed you are fitted with a fantastic set of fixed natural looking temporary teeth, meaning you are never left with a gap at any stage and you do not have to wear your denture while the healing takes places. After three months the temporary teeth are replaced with permanent ones and your new teeth will not only feel fantastic they will look fabulous as well.

Dental Treatment: Dental Implant

Carole's Story

"Carole suffered an unfortunate accident during which her front tooth was fractured. She wore a denture during the healing period but with her being a school teacher she was constantly worried about her denture falling out or becoming loose in front of her class. We reviewed her long terms options and Carole decided that she wanted a fixed tooth and that a Dental Implant would be her best option. She chose to have a Ceramic Abutment and Ceramic Crown to get the best appearance possible."

"Having an implant is an important decision. If you decide you can afford it then you still have to make a commitment with your time and after care on the treatment is complete."

"That’s said, I am totally please with the implant Mr. Harrison has fitted for me. First of all it was a visible, front top tooth and I had been wearing a denture plate. The denture plate fitted well but I didn’t like removing it and found it inconvenient when eating squidgy sandwiches!"

"Now I have a permanent tooth, which looks completely natural – it is an excellent match both in tone and shape with the neighboring teeth. I feel very lucky to have it restored. Benefits are not just cosmetic – the denture plate pressed on other teeth and affected my palate (particularly for wine)!"

"Throughout the treatment, Mr. Harrison impressed me with his clinical expertise, consideration and communication skills, the written information is detailed and clear. Of course implants are a risk but I can only say I am delighted (now that its over) to have made the decision."

Dental Treatment: Dental Implant

Lesley's Story

"Rather than have an unsightly gap I invested in an implant"

“I had a decaying tooth which could not be treated so was extracted. Rather than have an unsightly gap I invested in an implant despite being aged over 70. I now possess a line of even visible teeth from which the implant cannot be detected.”

Dental Treatment-Single Tooth Implant

Christina's Story

"Christina worked in a very public facing job constantly dealing with customers so when she lost a tooth visible in her smile she had become very self conscious about it. Her neighbouring teeth were in fantastic condition and obviously she did not want to cut them down to support a bridge. Christina elected to have a dental implant with a ceramic abutment and ceramic crown to maximise the overall result."

“I can honestly say that I have never been happier about my appearance. The professional, caring attitude that I have received from every member of the team, confirms that my first impression was correct. Thank you for giving me back my smile and my confidence.”

Dental Treatment: Single Tooth Implant

Philipa's Story

"Philipa had been a member of the practice for a long time when one of her crowns at the front broke off. The crown had been placed on a post many years ago and could not be kept going any longer. She had been wearing a denture but found it incredibly difficult to eat with and had lost the enjoyment of her food. She decided to have a dental implant placed as it would provide a secure, fixed result."

“This was carried out in a most professional, sympathetic manner and was completely painless throughout. I was so embarrassed to smile and now I can smile broadly and laugh heartily with total confidence. My mouth looks like that of the girl I once was and I feel like a young girl again! What a boost to my morale! I am totally delighted with the results and would recommend dental implants without hesitation.”

Dental Treatment: Dental Implant supported bridge

Lucy's Story

"Lucy had crowns that had been placed over many years and the result was a piecemeal result so there was no consistency or symmetry with her smile. In addition to this the crowns also had repeated infections underneath. Lucy had a young family and her children were starting to comment on her teeth so she wanted to know what could be done. During the examination we identified that none of the old teeth could be saved and the best treatment would be to remove these replace her upper front 4 teeth with dental implants. This would allow us to give Lucy fixed teeth secure teeth and a new smile!"

“Throughout the process I found you reassuring, informative and skilful. In sum, I would recommend you without reservation.”

Dental Treatment: Complete Implant Smile

Bernard's Story

"Bernard had a very old bridge at the front of his mouth that kept falling out and he constantly kept getting infections underneath it. Bernard was in his early 70s and his complaint was that he wanted to go out for a meal and not worry about choosing what to eat and to wonder whether he would make it to the end of the meal without the bridge falling out. All of the teeth supporting the bridge were rotten so we decided the best solution would be to remove these teeth and start again using a full mouth of dental implants."

“I had a great amount of reconstructive care and felt I was treated by an extremely knowledgeable professional.”