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Patient stories

Dental Treatment: Crowns/Veneers

Frances's Story

"Blossom Dental Care were able to transform her smile through a combination of 8 porcelain veneers and crowns"

"I came as a new patient to the practice after being referred by a friend who had also had some cosmetic work done. I am in my 70s but feel that my smile has really aged my appearance and that I was unhappy with how crooked and yellow my teeth had become.”

"I now say that my smile makes me look even younger."

Dental Treatment: Veneers

Elena's Story

"Elena was so happy and cant stop showing off her new smile!"

"I came as a new patient to the practice after reading about other patients’ experiences on the website. I was only in my 40s but felt very conscious about my smile because it made me feel much older.”

"Blossom Dental Care were able to create a more youthful brighter smile through the placement of 8 new porcelain veneers."

Dental Treatment: Crowns/Veneers

Sania's Story

"I was getting married and was concerned how my smile would look in the photographs. I was unhappy with the old crown at the front that now looked grey and that my smile looked uneven."
"Blossom Dental Care wanted to give me a much more symmetrical and brighter smile. I choose to replace the old crown with a new all porcelain crown and re-design my smile with porcelain veneers to give the desired result. I am now looking forward to having my photograph taken at my wedding."

"I attended Blossom Dental Care to get work done to my teeth for my wedding day. Should anyone be contemplating similar dental work, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it or the dental care of Mr. Harrison, who is very accomplished in his work – the treatment was worth every penny, I regained the ability to eat without concern and I also got my smile back!"

"I can’t thank him enough or recommend the dental studio more highly."

Dental Treatment: Crowns

April's Story

"This material is fantastic as they look just like normal teeth"

“I had been a patient of the practice for a number of years and now that my 2 children had finished university I felt as though I was ready to start looking after myself. I was unhappy with my teeth and felt my smile looked very tired and uneven. My dental work had been done over many years and the result was a ‘piecemeal approach’ were there was no symmetry in my smile and the old crowns now looked grey at the top when I smiled."

"I decided to replace my old dental work and re-design my smile through state of the art ceramic crowns and bridges."

Dental Treatment: Veneers

Pam's Story

"I had grown up with a gap in-between my upper front teeth and this had been closed through 4 very wide veneers. This meant that my teeth were too wide and did not fit within my overall facial features. Through a smile makeover Blossom Dental Care were able to re-design my smile through Invisalign and then 8 porcelain veneers to achieve the prefect finish I wanted."
"I now have a fantastic balanced symmetrical smile."

"Just a note to say “Thank You” for your fantastic work on my teeth. I would highly recommend you to anyone who is thinking of having cosmetic surgery on there teeth."

"I found you and your staff caring and professional."

"Thank you for giving me back my smile!!